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From: Witchcraft,Blurry Vision, Headaches and Chronic Pain

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Date: June 3, 2017 at 10:28:54 AM PDT
Subject: Testimoney

PRAISE REPORT!!   6/03/2017   Blessings Brother Ray,   I want to share my testimony of Deliverance after you prayed for me on Skype.  I cant stop praising God this morning for the overwhelming Joy I feel in my heart and my spirt.  For years I haven’t been able to feel my head and the top of my forehead was numb. My vision has been very blurry and my hearing was fogged. 

 I had tremendous pain in my back, neck, fingers, feet and left side.  I spent a lot of money going to the doctors to find out what was causing my vision to become blurry and they found nothing!  Sometimes I would see streams of colors and my vision would be blurry causing me so much torment at work. 

 IT IS ALL GONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!! GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH GOD! HALLELUYA! CAUSE IN NAME OF JESUS DEMONS HAVE TO FLEE.  📷  I was delivered from Generational curses, witchcraft, santeria, depression, wicca, freemasonry, blood sacrifices, past drug addictions, alcohol, rape, shame, guilt, trauma, abuse, incest, tattoos, incubus, and so many, many more.   Curses that came to me thru my mothers womb and sickness, disease and the spirit death and destroy!  There were curses on my finances that has caused me to always be in poverty.  ALL BROKEN IN THE NAME OF JESUS!  WOW!!  How amazing is our Lord and Savior.  

  Thank you Jesus for leading you to break the curse and assignment on my new Job that the Lord opened a door for me 9 months ago.  I never once shared with you what I have been goin thru at my new job!  How much torment and crying I have done since I have been at my new position working for the state.  I was in constant harassment and always being micromanaged and talked down to in front of other employees.  Constant TORMENT!  So many times I would be at my desk and all of a sudden I would feel this nasty presence and see a Demon watching me or walking behind me.  When you started breaking the assignment, I started crying a shaking and vomiting and sweating!  I feel such a HEAVY BURDEN lifted.  You have no idea how much I cried and prayed to the Lord to Deliver me from this!  I FEEL FREE! FREEDOM AND LIBERTY IN MY SPIRIT! 

   I have tried many numerous times to  reach out to other Deliverance ministers and was unsuccessful getting any response back.  God knows all things and I Thank you for taking your time to minister to me and Encourage me in the Lord! Thank you for speaking and praying blessings over my life, family, children and finances.  Thank you for allowing God to use you as a willing vessel to Deliver me in the name of Jesus.   I am so Thankful to the Lord for you Ministry and videos.  Thank you for being a Loving brother in Christ and such a Blessing to the Body of Christ!  I will always keep you and your Ministry in my Prayers and May God Bless you in Abundance and continue to provide all your needs, so you can continue to Preach the Gospel and Set The Captives Free in the Name of Yeshua!  Numbers 6:24-26   God Bless you Sister Kelly 


I’m just here to give testimony of my deliverance from many evil spirits and entities. I received Christ and was baptized almost 8 years ago. But I have always with lustfullness and the spirit of fear and pride. Praise God through the last years I have been seeking God and he has been showing himself to me. I was recently watching testimonials when I saw an evil spirit being cast out. I watched a couple of these and thought it might be a good idea. So I decided to contact a ministry to help me.

This morning when Mr. Rayford called I was sleeping and picked up after the second call I believe. After I picked up the spirit of disbelief tried to make me ignore his further phone calls and I even heard a voice say to me you ll never be free and you’re not worth saving. Praise God I didn’t believe it. I noticed these spirits of disbelief being uncovered in me and I started to believe. Immediately after I felt relief. Id also like to say that God has been gradually getting me to seek forgiveness and forsake worldliness. I am completely different than I was four months ago and I pray I will grow in Godliness everyday. 

This deliverance also surprised me in that he cast out evils that I had forgotten or had not mentioned. During this deliverance God told me that I must also tell him to forgive so I thought I would pass that. Im so happy that I called. The power of God is real. While being delivered I even saw demonic faces but the minute fear tried to capture me God took hold of me and reminded me of how strong HE IS. Blessed is my King. I thank you so much for this deliverance and I pray God will continue your ministry.


Deliverance from: Drug Addiction, Voices & Witchcraft

I would like to thank this ministry for praying with me over the phone on 04/18/2016. I actually was coughing up really bad. (Like throw up) .

I was sweating really bad from my forehead/body, etc.

(Demonic Manifestations)

I was prayed over for the following issues: Drug addictions, rap/hip music, all types of involvement with witchcraft/sorcery, etc…

Thank you Rayford Johnson. God Bless you. In Jesus Name I pray Amen.



I would like to share a testimony on receiving prayer for my son.  Prior to receiving prayer , when I gave birth to my son Donald when he was only 6 weeks his face changed, into a very demonic face it scared me so bad. His face then changed again when he was 8 weeks in a restaurant my friend Portia witnessed it, and she said ” Shonta did u see that ? I said yes I saw it. I wasn’t all the way right with God,  and I lacked alot wisdom back then. 

When my son was 6 years old he did something very horrible,  he was acting as if he was interested in other boys and I was crying to have learned this, So I told him Donald I will pray for you, And he gave me an evil look and a voice that wasnt his said ” It won’t work ” .It was the voice of a demon, I then prayed over him, and I rebuked that demon in Jesus name.  So I went to different churches to have my son prayed over , some of the people that I thought were women of God looked at me strange when I told them why my son needed prayer, None of them called me back, I then felt embarrassed to have revealed this to them about Donald, these women of God made me feel ashamed. 

So Donald is 13 and he had anger issues, he even has threaten to kill himself, So this when I found Rayford and I received prayer for not only myself, but for Donald,  While Ray was praying Donald walked away at first,  but Ray continued to pray for him. As Ray was praying my door flew open , it scared me and Donald and Donald started feeling sick in his stomach,  and when Ray finished Donald went in the bathroom and had to vomit, he was sick all night, he woke me up at 1 am and said he is still sick and vomiting,  and I gave him Ginger ale and Pepto bismal. He then woke up at 6am which is the time he awakes for school, he was still very sick. I knew this was normal when a person is prayed over so he stayed home in bed all day. 

Well the good news now its been over a week, Donald is so full of joy, he laughs all the time. He prays and reads his bible. He keeps his bible in the room with him. Ray he said to tell you thank you, and he is sorry for giving you a hard time. He even threw all his video games away. I was proud of him. He told me knew Jesus wanted him in his life, because Jesus appeared to Donald , Jesus manifested himself to my son when he was 11, and Jesus reached his hand out to my son,  Donald said he had a hole in his hand.  He said Jesus was at the right hand of God, he couldnt see Gods face, it was like a cloud in front of his face, He said he saw Jesus hair which is dark and to his shoulders, he said he has a beard  also and he had a robe on. My son said this was 1000 times better than meeting any celebrity.  He was shocked yet happy, he woke me up to tell me all about it. He said knew Jesus had a calling on his life. Thank you Rayford for taking the time to pray for my son. God is so faithful.  Im so glad he uses people like you to pray over his children.  God bless!



I contacted Brotha Ray for prayer and advice regarding why my asthma never seemed to be going away, getting healed or delivered. I am familiar with the deliverance and healing ministry and have been through a lot of it. But could not seem to shake the ‘unshakable’ spirit that was causing my lungs to tighten and shorten my breath. I would lose hours of sleep every night due to lack of breath and ask due to battling the Spirit. But the spirit knew something I did not and would not leave. So when on the phone with Bro Ray he asked me if I had any unforgiveness or unrepentant sins. I assured him I did not. But gave him the down low on what traumatic event has previously taken place in my life. He also asked me if I heard voices. I told him I do hear voices when I try to sleep, mostly the voice is calling my name and tries to hold conversations with me. I also see orbs and have many spiritual dreams and manifestations at night time. Regarding sleep paralysis. Which entered through my mother’s side of the family via witchcraft.

Brotha Ray prayed for me via phone call and as soon as he said the words “Holy Ghost Fire” my face got extremely hot, and my head began to hurt. My right ear began to sting. He kept repeating the words and I could feel things move around in my chest, feet, hip, pelvis, and brain area. After persistent commands to the demons to come out, I began to cough and cough until I threw up. Right after I threw up it was followed with a sneeze. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ that He would have the Mercy and Grace to shed His Blood to have me healed and delivered. 

Joshua  – Prayer report

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